How to excellent cosplay black panther

black panther costumes

You have set your sights on the cosplay of Black Panther, very envious of his coffee color and his generous bust, eager to show how sexy you can be in his flagship outfit. But when you put on the suit finally finished, you realize that the result you absolutely do not like.

black panther costumes

Indeed, you did not go to the beach this summer, and your complexion is more like that of Snow White than that of this famous mixed race, and your chest, despite the push up, seems rather raplaplapla. Now let me tell you just how to excellent cosplay black panther.

Of course, you do not have a goddess body in 2D, but you still have some assets for you. The point is to know how to highlight them, and to show ingenuity in order to use some cheating that will sublimate the final result, so that it gets as close to your model as possible.

black panther costumes

And yes! Some makeup tips, some outfits, or cheating of any kind can highlight what you value most at home. Taking this into account is important for you to feel comfortable in your pumps on D-Day!

The problem: You have just received your first wig, and you feel so proud

You put it on as is, and think that the work is done, you just have to put it all together with your cosplay, then throw it in a corner to take care of it.

Fatal error

The solution: The first step to make, when ordering a wig, and think of joining your purchases a net of the color of the wig (even if you have short hair). If there are none on the site in question, or you are a fan of the home-made, cut a tights on the thighs, and place everything on your head, by pinching all the little hair rebels inside. This will prevent your natural brown strands from outrageously over your blue or pink wig, and make it all the less realistic.

Also think about combing your wig, before and after threading, to adjust it to your size using the hook underneath, and to place it straight on your head. From Cossuits you get the best info now.

Immediately, it has more mouth!

When it comes to maintenance, get a head to head, or keep it carefully in its net and its original packaging, especially in transport.

Also carefully read the washing and care instructions, especially if the wig is fastened during reception.

The problem: You are a fan of cosplays purchased (and that’s all to your credit), only the cosplay you just received is too long, too wide, unsightly baille at the waist or chest, or the shape does not correspond at all to that of the original perso.

black panther costumes

No matter, you decide to go in convention as is, walking on your pants and with sleeves much too long. If you want to check out more in regards to %link% stop by our website.If you are looking for more black panther costumes,Click HERE to see more!

Not great…

The solution: Feel free to edit. If you do not know anything about sewing, Granny, Mom or the seamstress at the corner, will take care of you to make small simple changes, but that will make all the difference, your suit so badly trimmed.

black panther costumes

Go full, do not skimp on anything: hems, pliers, scrap, everything is good to take as long as you feel good in your pumps, and you look as much as possible cosplayed perso.

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